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About Me

I, Manikandan humbly dedicate this website exclusively for our Brave Tamil hearts.
I was started the Jallikattu 1996 at the age of 13 in Madurai. This motivated me to achieve in jallikattu and So far i catched 4000 Bulls.

In my childhood I am very much interested to go and keep watching this Jallikattu game in every year. This boost me to keep my first step to fight with semi aged bulls that under around my area.

Everyone appreciated my interest in the game except a few. The Major support of mine is my father, my mother and  my family. My mother was the one appreciating me all the times. Her confidence on me added boldness to me.  I should thank at her feet for the positive energy she gave.

Kapadi is one of my another hobby game. My friends also motivate to me to enter this Jallikattu game.

All tamil peoples celebrate pongal festival as simple. But all jallikattu players like me, that Mattu Pongal festival is famous tamil culture festival.

Cell : Manikanda Prabu


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